Orchid has replaced Thunder as the latest free-to-play character in Killer Instinct, Microsoft has announced.

"Equipped with batons, quick attacks, and her fire-cat, Orchid enters the battle ready to take on anyone who challenges her," explains the Microsoft blurb.

The update to the free character rotation is joined by a new game patch which fixes a few game and character bugs.


Fixed a bug that allowed players to perform a Shadow Endokuen without using meter.


Tracking properties of OVERPOWER (Back + Heavy Punch) will no longer auto correct if the opponent jumps over Sabrewulf.


Fix to Shadow Itch - Ni - San getting broken when used as an opener in certain cases.


Fix to web ball causing a blowout reaction during ultra if opponent was already above 100 KV.

Spinal was also added to the character roster last week.

Source: PlayXBLA