Xbox One launch game Ryse: Son of Rome has not suffered a single downgrade since E3, with the development team only implementing upgrades in the push for release, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has stated.

Yerli first addressed reports that lead character Marius' model had been cut from 150,000 polygons to just 85,000.

"Hero Marius 85k polys? It was choice," Yerli said on Twitter. "150k polys w LODs vs 85K + better shading + no LODs (stable). The latter wo at better quality!"

He added: "Looks better than at E3! Shader deeper, more real. Marius features additionally also realtime physical dangling pieces. Plus much more!"

"There is not one single downgrade compared to E3, promised! Only UPGRADES in the final push towards finalling phase! Its FULL HD XP!"

Yerli also posted an image showing off the graphics gains and wrote: "Tons of Diff. Zero downscale. Vast improves and optimizations. Poly optimizations are in invisible parts. All good!"

As for the decision to run in 900p rather than 1080p, Yerli explained that the lower resolution is related to performance and that the drop to 900p does not deliver a perceived visual difference.

"Ryse runs at 1600x900 for best perf & res, we apply our upscaler for AA, framebuffer native 1080p. SAME as E3 Xbox One! No change, No compromise!"

He added that the decision would have been the same if running on PS4: "Choice wasn't based on a hurdle. It's for efficiency as no perceived visual difference, as final output is 1080p."

Ryse: Son of Rome will launch November 22.

Source: @RealtimeCevat, @Harami_Larka