OnLive has launched in Belgium, only the second country in Europe to have access to the streaming game service.

The service is being provided exclusively by Belgacom, who are offering a one month free-trial of the PlayPack subscription to customers, which includes a library of over 200 games. This offer is available until September 30. After the trial ends, the service will cost €9.99 per month.

The press release reads: "Offering OnLive cloud gaming fits perfectly with Belgacom's strategy of convergence and its aim to enrich its entertainment and application offerings.

"Belgacom wants to create a customer experience that enables the integrated use of platforms, content and devices. Belgacom is extremely well-positioned to offer the OnLive Game Service through its advanced broadband network. Its smart networks will perfectly enable Belgacom customers to play and enjoy the highest-quality gaming experience through OnLive."