Obsidian: Alpha Protocol sex scenes ‘satisfying’

Obsidian: Alpha Protocol sex scenes ‘satisfying’
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Sex scenes in upcoming role-playing shooter Alpha Protocol are “satisfying” but “tasteful”, developer Obsidian has said.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com, Obsidian programming producer Nathan Davis confirmed no gameplay elements will be involved.

Video game sex is currently in vogue, with Canadian RPG developer BioWare in particular happy to include sex scenes in its games.

2007’s Mass Effect allowed player characters, male and female, to have sex with computer-controlled male humans and female aliens, without showing full-frontal nudity.

BioWare’s upcoming fantasy RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, will also contain sex scenes. Earlier this month BioWare’s vice president Greg Zeschuk told us the developer was yet to decide whether Dragon Age: Origins will contain full-frontal nudity.

In Alpha Protocol, players assume the role of super spy Mike Thorton, who becomes embroiled in a Jason Bourne-style conspiracy that takes him across the globe.

“No, it’s tasteful,” Davis said when asked whether the game’s sex scenes contain full-frontal nudity.

“We do some things with our cinematics, too. It isn’t just like a hand up on a thing! We cut around it a little bit. It’s an American game! What can I say? There are limits to what we can do there. I’ve seen a few of the cinematics for those and it ends up being satisfying without being… you know… over… you know?”

No gameplay?

“No, no, no! No God of War sex scenes! We don’t have that.”

Players in Alpha Protocol will be able to have a number of romances with key NPCs, including female soldier Sie and handler Mina, which will impact the game’s various endings.

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