by on Jun 26, 2018

Now it’s PlayStation 4’s turn for a free Destiny 2 weekend

Following on from the Xbox getting a free Destiny 2 weekend a couple of weeks ago, today Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 players will also get their chance to enjoy a free weekend of Destiny 2 from this Friday.

As per the announcement, the event runs from June 29 through until Monday, July 2 and the pre-load is available right now. Just like the Xbox One event you'll be able to play through the entirety of the main game's campaign and the PvP Crucible modes and any progress you make will carry over should you choose to buy the game afterwards.

Also promised are discounts for anyone who downloads the game during the free weekend and then decides to buy it.


Destiny 2 is gearing up to begin its second year of content on September 4, with a reveal of the Forsaken a couple at the beginning of this month. Spoilers: it doesn't look like it'll end well for Cayde-6. 



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