An online pass will not be required to access Tomb Raider's multiplayer mode, Square Enix has confirmed to

Confirmation came following a tweet from Tomb Raider brand manager Karl Stewart last night, who revealed: "Reading some of your comments/questions about @tombraider multiplayer. Just so we're all on the same age [sic], there's no Season or Online Pass".

The news could come as a surprise to fans who may have assumed that Tomb Raider's multiplayer mode would be locked behind an online pass.

Square Enix has previously played with the idea of online passes.

The publisher had planned to include a "Contracts Pass" with Hitman Absolution, a single-use code that would allow access to the game's Contracts mode. However, a last-minute decision saw the mode being made available for free to all, despite codes being printed and supplied in the box. spoke to Eidos Montreal, the studio behind Tomb Raider's multiplayer earlier this week, who revealed that it once questioned whether multiplayer should "even belong in Tomb Raider".

Source: Square Enix | Twitter