Nintendo launches a Switch repair subscription service in Japan

Nintendo launches a Switch repair subscription service in Japan
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Nintendo has launched a subscription service in Japan, called Wild Care, which is effectively like insurance for the Switch.

The subscription costs (via VGC) 200 yen per month (which is £1.20), or 2,000 yen per year (£12). And Nintendo describes it as a “a flat-rate repair warranty service that can be subscribed to at any time.”

The subscription covers you for the Switch, Switch Lite, and other accessories, such as the AC adaptors and controllers. You are covered for up to six repairs and up to 100,000 yen (£609) per year.

This is an attractive prospect, not least because of the various complaints that have arisen over the console’s analogue sticks. Back in 2019, the sick drift issues that were plaguing the Switch were also found to be a problem with the Switch Lite. So much so that a lawsuit was brought to Nintendo over the matter. The company offered free repairs and refunds over the issue.

Now, it seems that a slightly more lucrative solution has been arrived at. It remains to be seen whether or not Nintendo will bring the Wild Care subscription to territories outside of Japan. And whether or not players would feel hard done by at having to pay a monthly fee to cover themselves for something that ought not to be an issue.