Nintendo isn't one to shy away from releasing updated versions of key hardware -- look no further than the DS and 3DS and its various incarnations for proof of that -- but all the same we shouldn't expect a fresh iteration of the Switch anytime soon.

That's according to sources close to The Wall Street Journal, which claims that the Big N is not expecting to ship a Switch 2.0 until at least 2019. Instead, the Kyoto-based industry behemoth is looking to drive sales by enhancing the console's online functionality and releasing new peripherals, such as the Nintendo Labo.

This probably won't come as a surprise, as frankly it's baffling to conceive of Nintendo releasing an updated version of the Switch in 2018. Furthermore, the company doesn't really evolve its home consoles in the same way it does handheld platforms, though the fact Switch is a hybrid machine could perhaps mix things up in this respect. 

Nintendo launched the Switch in March 2017 and so far the console has been a resounding success, eclipsing lifetime sales of the Wii U and moving over 14 million units worldwide to date. Super Mario Odyssey is currently the best-selling game on the console with over nine million sales to its name.

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