Tom Orry by on Feb 7, 2005

Nintendo DS goes on tour

From February 4th 2005 the Nintendo DS will start a UK tour, giving everyone a chance to experience the console and the unique ways gamers can interact with it. Nintendo will be showcasing the DS at various malls throughout February, March and April, and at all 42 of the UK’s VUE cinemas on various days in March. The DS will also be shown at a number of other places across the UK. For a complete list of dates and locations check out the touch me here website.

A wide assortment of games will be available to play at the events, including Super Mario 64, Wario Ware: Touched, Polarium, Metroid Prime Hunters, Project Rub, Tiger Woods 2005, Asphalt Urban GT and Spider-Man 2. The DS will also be shown in a number of retail stores, with demo pods popping up all over the country.

Andy Yates, Head of Retail Development, Nintendo UK, said: “Whenever you make a quantum leap in technology like Nintendo have done with the DS, people inevitably ask lots of questions, however, getting the console into people’s hands immediately changes their perception and opens up their minds to a new way of playing games through touch. For this reason sampling will be pivotal to the success of our trade strategy.”

The Nintendo DS will be released in Europe on March 11th 2005, with an estimated retail price of £99. Nintendo DS games will retail for between £19 and £29, depending on the title. For more details on the touch me here tour check out the website and take a look at our handheld section for more on the Nintendo DS.


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