Ninja Theory reveals canned PS4/XB1 game Razer

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Ninja Theory has revealed the first details on its cancelled next-gen title Razer, a game that would have seen players “come together to battle a monster that has taken over the planet”.

Tweeting about the game from its GDC talk this afternoon, the developer said that it began prototyping new ideas for a PS4/Xbox One title shortly after the release of DmC: Devil May Cry, including a system for “online melee combat”.

“We took the concept around to publishers but it wasn’t picked up. We then prototyped a next-gen title, aiming to hit the AAA required feature list. This game was called Razer.”

Unfortunately, though, Razer “didn’t survive the greenlight process”, leading to its termination.

Reflecting on the project’s cancellation, the developer added that “the conditions of the AAA market mean that creativity can be restricted”, but that it will be “sharing all of the Razer materials, including all design documents, online next week”.

The studio’s new “independent AAA game” will be revealed later today at Gamescom.

Source: @NinjaTheory

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