Nightingale roadmap: Update from dev and planned free early access content

Nightingale roadmap: Update from dev and planned free early access content
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Nightingale early access finally launches today. Lots of people have been anticipating this huge open-world PvE survival game, but, understandably, the early access disclaimer means it is not the final product. There are plenty of features and content to enjoy from day one of early access, but more will be added post-launch. The developers have provided an update on the Nightingale roadmap and some of the upcoming additional early access content is already outlined.

The release date and time for Nightingale early access is inbound. It is launching on Steam and the Epic Games store only, and there are Twitch Drops rewards available to unlock. These rewards include snazzy free outfits, but, most importantly they include a free and undeniably cute puppy pet wearing a wee little hat. You definitely don’t want to miss out!

While the Twitch Drops rewards will expire on February 27th, early access is planned to last up to a year. We don’t have the roadmap between early access to full release yet, but developer Inflexion Games has provided an update while outlining some of the upcoming future content.

Is there a Nightingale roadmap?

There is no Nightingale roadmap yet, but developer Inflexion Games has said that one is coming. In an interview with Wccftech, Inflexion Games’ Aaryn Flynn was asked about a roadmap and said the developers will “be sharing some thoughts and ideas just after the Early Access launch”.

As for why there is no roadmap yet, it’s because Inflexion Games’ immediate priority upon early access launch is to “ensure we address any issues, bugs, etc.,” and they are also “working hard on some OQL improvements to arrive around March”.

Planned Nightingale future content

While no roadmap has been shared as of writing, Inflexion Games has at least noted some of the additional content that will be added to Nightingale building up to the release of 1.0. Per the game’s early access overview on Steam, early access is planned to last between 9-12 months.

As for how the full release of 1.0 will differ from early access, Inflexion Games says that there will be ‘more story content, new realm biomes to explore, as well as the introduction of the fabled City of Nightingale itself’.

Back to the interview with Wccftech, Inflexion Games’ Aaryn Flynn said early access will “lay the breadcrumbs of where the story will go as we look to expand the narrative over the next year, heading into updates and, ultimately, 1.0”.

He also said that lots of free content will be added throughout the year including “new tilesets, weapons, tools, clothing, and decorations… as well as Major and Minor Realm Cards”. Lastly, Flynn also mentioned that the developers will keep an eye on adding ray-traced lumens and shadows, but it will depend on performance.

For more Nightingale news, the developers have given hope that it will come to PS5 and Xbox in the future. If you are buying the game on PC, make sure you meet the minimum and recommended system requirements, and you will also want to see if the game supports crossplay between Steam and Epic Games.