Square Enix has announced the imminent release of new DLC, "The World of Recycled Vessel," for action-RPG NIER.

This additional content for NIER, will be available for the Xbox 360 May 11 and the PS3 from May 12.

Players are invited to unravel more mysteries in The World of Recycled Vessel, when the pages of a diary open a gate to a strange world that mixes past and present. Engage in 15 nightmarish battles to unlock bonus costumes, weapons - and a special quest.

The World of Recycled Vessel

The diary entries of Nier's wife became stranger and stranger as the Black Scrawl took hold of her body and edged her mind towards madness. "Recycled Vessel. Severance. Penance. Aberrance. Sufferance. Acceptance. Disturbance. Hindrance. Defiance. Forbearance. Intolerance. Vengeance. Repentance. Radiance. Extravagance. Malignance. Vigilance. Obeisance. Dominance. Allegiance. Resistance. Discordance. Petulance. Misguidance. Deliverance."

What mysterious power draws Nier and Weiss into a twisted amalgam of his past and present? Play as young Nier, conquer 15 difficult challenge levels to unlock two sets of alternate costumes for Nier, Emil and Kainé, three powerful weapons, enjoy new music unique to The World of Recycled Vessel and a bonus quest that challenges you to destroy your woolliest adversaries!

The World of Recycled Vessel is priced at €6.99 and 560 MS Points.