NHL 23: How To Score On Breakaways

NHL 23: How To Score On Breakaways
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Nothing in hockey is more exciting than a breakaway. Skater against goalie, 1 on 1 with no defender in sight. And in NHL 23, you’re bound to end up with a ton of chances to flex your breakaway skills.

But what really works in this year’s game? What move or shot can you rely on during breakaway situations?

Not to worry. We breakdown the key steps and all the details you need to know on how to score during breakaway situations in NHL 23.

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NHL 23: How To Score On Breakaways

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Keep It Simple

With the addition of some awesome new dangles to the game in recent years, such as the lacrosse move and the Datsyuk flip, it can be tempting to do something crazy on a breakaway.

But if you’re trying to score, you should avoid these moves like the plague. Most of the players in the game, unless they have a high overall rating, can’t pull these moves off effectively. They are certainly very cool features that EA added but they just aren’t practical. Most of the time the puck will roll off your stick and the breakaway goes down the drain.

Don’t overthink your breakaway. The reality is breakaways should be simple and you should know what you’re going to do on a breakaway each time. If it works, it works. A simple use of the right stick, going forehand-backhand-forehand-shoot, is going to work way more often than trying to go behind the back or using a one-handed tuck.

The best and most effective moves for breakaways in NHL 23 usually only require 2-3 motions of the right stick from side to side. While going through the legs top shelf seems cool, it isn’t reliable in NHL 23. And it isn’t a skill thing either. If you watch the top players in the world playing NHL 23 on Twitch, you won’t see them doing anything crazy on their breakaways.

How To Improve Your Breakaway Skills

Practice makes perfect. One of the best things you can do to hone your breakaway skills is go to the practice rink and do a move that works for you, over and over again. Not just once or twice, but hundreds if not thousands of times. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll be doing it in a real-time game situation with the pressure on.

Your practice will pay off and performing the move in a game will feel robotic with how many times you’ve already done it. This is one of the best ways to improve any skill in NHL 23, but you’ll see it pay off even more with your breakaways.

More Goals Means More Fun

Whether you’re loading up EASHL, HUT, or any other NHL game mode, being reliable on breakaways will be a huge help in getting you scoring more goals regularly. And nothing is more fun than scoring a goal! So get to the practice rink and get to work!

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