Microsoft may not be prepared to talk about its next-generation Xbox officially - but that hasn't stopped one of its employees referring to the unannounced console on their online CV.

Reference to "the next Xbox" has appeared on the LinkedIn profile of Eusebius Lai, the lead software development engineer on Microsoft's Xbox team, who states that he's "working on cool new features" for the unannounced console, but that he's "unable to share [details] due to NDA".

Part of Lai's responsibilities, his CV suggests, is to oversee "Video Processing for DRM'd Content", and "design, implement and deploy video processing pipeline for DRM'd videos for indexing into the Xbox video catalog".

He's also contributed to the development of Xbox Smartglass and worked on technologies for "visual processing and scene detection". He is "now working on multimedia streams and big data througput [sic]".

Lai's CV states that he's been at Microsoft since 2006, primarily working on the firm's social initiatives within MSN, but also designing the data models used for the Xbox Marketplace's ratings and reviews feature.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce its next-generation Xbox, despite rampant rumours suggesting that the firm is planning to launch a new console later this year.

It's also another blunder from Microsoft, who appears determined to keep its next-gen plans secret until the console's official announcement.

Last August, job ads suggested that a new Xbox would be launching by February 2014, days after Windows manager Brian Hall referred to a "new Xbox" during an interview. Then, last week, comments from Microsoft Studios' creative director Adam Orth, added credence to the rumours that the next Xbox may require an always-online connection.

Microsoft told that it does "not comment on rumours or speculation", when contacted about Lai's comments.

"We are always thinking about what is next for our platform, but we don't have anything further to share at this time."

Rumours posted earlier this week suggest that the company is gearing up to announce the console next month.

Source: LinkedIn

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