Next Xbox to be 3D?

Next Xbox to be 3D?
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TeamXbox reports that 1UP’s rumour that Microsoft will launch an upgraded Xbox 360 in 2010 complete with Natal is false.

The reason the Xbox website is so confident the rumour is false is because it claims to have learned the first details on the next Xbox.

“It’s not our intention to tease you, but for now the only thing I’m going to say about everything I heard regarding the next Xbox is that it won’t launch until a certain type of television becomes more widespread because…” states the TeamXbox article.

This was later expanded upon using its Twitter account, adding: “…in addition to built-in Natal tech, a key feature of the next Xbox would be full HD stereoscopic 3D visuals similar to 3D movie theatres.”

Sounds impressive, but 3D televisions won’t become widespread for many years, suggesting the next Xbox is also some years off.