Nintendo has announced that beginning this week, a series of new micro-games for WarioWare Do It Yourself will be released for free via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Created by various European WiiWare and DSiWare developers, one micro-game will be released each week until the year end.

19 November 2010 - PressPlay (Strandog)

This mini-game was crafted by Bo Strandby, whose talents in level design have helped earn the brain-teasing WiiWare title Max and the Magic Marker plenty of praise. Are you up for the challenge or will his D.I.Y. micro-game confound you?

26 November 2010 - RONIMO (FABIAN)

Co-founder of Ronimo and one of the minds behind de Blob and award-winning WiiWare title Swords & Soldiers, gaming wizard Fabian Akker has created 'Om Nom Noms!' for your delectation. Redbeard from Swords and Soldiers loves grilled meat, but he's as lazy as he is greedy. Why don't you help him fill his belly?

03 December 2010 - TwoTribes (Collo)

Collin van Ginkel is the co-founder and creative director of Two Tribes B.V., and spiritual father of Toki Tori, an irresistibly cute baby chick featured in the game of the same name. In his D.I.Y. micro-game, Collin challenges you to make sure little Toki Tori lands safely on the target. He'll cover his ears if you comment on his artistic skills though...

10 December 2010 - Shin'en (Manfred)

Manfred Linzner is founder of Shin'en Multimedia and creator of the games Nanostray and Iridion. His D.I.Y. micro-game features the protagonist from Shin'en Multimedia's graphically glorious WiiWare title Jett Rocket. Ready? Start those engines; it's time to take off!

17 December 2010 - BROKNRULS (BRKNRULZ)

Felix Bohatsch is one of the three creative minds behind And Yet It Moves and is the co-founder of Vienna-based independent studio, Broken Rules. He believes that a simple, well-executed game mechanic is one of the main ingredients of a good game. Felix had oodles of fun making micro-games with D.I.Y., exclaiming, "It's fast and simple!" see what he's got in store for you!

24 December 2010 - Christmas surprise

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Find out with this Christmas surprise.

31 December 2010 - Christmas surprise

Another treat is in store for you today, as the creator of last week's game has turned his hand to another fast-paced micro-game.

Free stuff is always welcome, and it will be interesting to see what industry professionals have been able to create using the same tools available to gamers.

The new content is unlikely to keep players busy for very long, though, with each micro-game usually lasting no more than 10 seconds.

A Christmas surprise from a European WiiWare/DSiWare developer is also pretty exciting, but who could the mysterious micro-game creator be?