Update, August 1, 1.48pm:

Capcom has now officially released the video announcing E.Honda, Poison and Lucia’s arrivals to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. 

The characters will be live from August 4, on the last day of the fighting game tournament EVO 2019. On August 5, the Summer 2019 Character Bundle will available to purchase, and comes with all three fighters, presumably at a discounted price.

Watch the official announcement video below. 


Original story, August 1, 10.13am:

Yesterday, a video of three new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition characters was uploaded to Steam, seemingly cramping the style of a planned announcement for the game at EVO 2019 (via Polygon).

It was hastily removed from Steam, but the video showed that two veteran fighters, E.Honda and Poison, and background character Lucia, will arrive on August 4, which is the final day of the fighting tournament EVO.

Edmond – yes, his name is Edmond – Honda made his first appearance in the series in Street Fighter 2: The World Warriors and cropped up again in Street Fighter IV. This iteration of E.Honda seems to be true to his original look. He has his two V-Trigger moves: Tajikarao and Onigawara. A sumo wrestler, these will enhance his grapple and flying headbutt moves, and Street Fighter 2’s bath house stage is also planned to arrive as new downloadable content. 

Poison has been on the fighting game’s scene for a long time, but she miraculously hasn’t aged a day. She was the enemy character in Final Fight, then became playable in Final Fight Revenge, Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken. Joining her is Lucia, a playable character from Final Fight 3 on the Super NES. She’s a detective in the Metro City Police Department in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, but now she seems to be taking a far more direct approach to law enforcement. Her V-Triggers Weapon Fury and Burning Fight buff her nightstick and fire attacks individually. 

All three additions will come with costumes, and join Kage who arrived in the game in December last year. 

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