Respawn Entertainment's upcoming Star Wars game will launch during fiscal 2020, Electronic Arts confirmed during its earnings call overnight. This means the hotly anticipated sci-fi epic will be in stores no later than March 2020, assuming it's not met by any delays. 

EA executive Patrick Soderlund broached the topic after being quizzed (via Game informer) whether or not Star Wars Battlefront II had damaged fan trust, and if it could be remedied before the inevitable Battlefront III.

In response, Soderlund was quick to point out that a sequel has not been announced yet, and that Respawn's as-yet untitled effort is likely to be fiscal 2020's Star Wars game. Given that Battlefront traditionally comes out in November, could this mean that Respawn's title will hit stores in Holiday 2019? We definitely wouldn't rule it out. 

Right now we don't know anything about Respawn's Star Wars project, other than it's going to be an 'action game.' Another title based on the epic space opera series was in development at Visceral Games with Amy Hennig at the helm. However, the project has now been rebooted by EA after it decided to shutter the Dead Space creator last year.

EA previously confirmed that Anthem will now launch early next year and that a new Battlefield game will release in fall 2018.

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