Purchase God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP and you'll receive an exclusive download voucher that unlocks the Deimos character skin for God of War III on PS3.

Deimos is the brother of Kratos and as a child was deemed unworthy to join the Spartan army. He died in solitude and came of age in the Underworld.

The download voucher will be found inside the Ghost of Sparta game box or will be sent digitally to PSPgo owners who buy the game from the PlayStation Store.

In God of War III Deimos will benefit from enhanced combat damage and 4x the Health, Magic and Gold Orbs.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta will be released in the UK on November 5, 2010.

God of War III is one of Sony's most successful titles on the PS3 so it makes sense to use its appeal to drive sales of the imminent PSP game. However, we don't feel a new character skin - especially given the number of bonus skins already available - will convince those unsure over the PSP game to make a purchase.