New PC and Xbox 360 FPS revealed

New PC and Xbox 360 FPS revealed
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Newly formed Polish developer Gingerbread Studios has today announced The Protector, an all-new PC and Xbox 360 first/third person shooter said to feature visceral action, tactical stealth and an enthralling storyline.

The Protector focuses on the exploits of two very different characters: Jonathan Kane, a hardened British mercenary, and Jennifer Guile, a beautiful US archaeologist. The game begins when these former lovers are reunited following the murder of Jennifer’s father by new terrorist organisation Scarlet Vengeance.

Scarlet Vengeance’s attention soon turns to Jennifer, the only person who knows the location of a powerful Aztec which can be used for a devastating terrorist attack. With Jennifer’s life under threat Kane must track her down and protect her from Scarlet Vengeance.

“Gingerbread Studios has taken the theme of South American mythology and masterfully injected it into a contemporary setting that reflects the escalating threat of global terrorism within the modern day world,” said James Cato, CEO of Gingerbread Studios. “The Protector’s two distinct playable characters and eclectic mix of action and stealth make it highly unique, while its branching, thrilling plot promises to keep gamers captivated till the end credits roll.”

Gingerbread Studios is promising “superb world physics” enabling objects to splinter, shatter and be sent flying by bullets and explosions. The game world also promises to be fully populated by civilians, commuters, students – people generally going about their daily business.

The stealth and action gameplay will also be broken up by challenging puzzles and mini-games, and player actions over the course of the game will determine which of two endings are played out.

No release date has been announced.