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New Netflix’s The Witcher trailer reveals its release date

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Netflix published a new trailer for The Witcher and revealed that the show will be released on December 20, 2019 (via Eurogamer). 

At MCM London Comic Con, Redanian Intelligence took a photo of a poster advertising Netflix’s The Witcher. The poster showed a competition that would gift the winner with two tickets to the premiere in London on December 16. Thinking sensibly, we would then assume that the release date for the series would be December 17. However, this new trailer says 'bah, humbug' to our guesses, and said that the The Witcher will settle on the small screen close to Christmas Day. 

This trailer now gives us a proper look at the series, and reveals its proper release date. In one featured scene, Yennefer says she’d heard fantastic (albeit ridiculous) stories about Witchers, and she seems a little disappointed that the White Wolf doesn’t have cool horns or pointy teeth. ‘I had them filed down,’ Cavill of Rivia intones. And then she laughs, probably to be polite. 

It shows off Geralt eviscerating humans and monsters, wielding silver and steel swords, and doing a bit of magic too. Yennefer’s been blessed with a wonderful wardrobe and Ciri is on the run, searching for gravelly-toned hero as their fates intertwine. He’s not on board, though, and he doesn’t mind if the entire world is burned away by a calamity of epic proportions. Let’s hope he has a change of heart, then!

The cinematography looks super, and if you’re feeling a painful patch in your heart after Game of Thrones finished, make sure there isn’t a pointy implement stuck in there. Then, pop this on your List on Netflix, as it is sure to deliver impressive visuals of magic, myth, and Geralt in a bathtub. 


Netflix’s The Witcher will release on December 20. Watch the new trailer below. 


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