Developer 343 Industries has slapped a planned summer launch window on the next major update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which adds a bevy of new content including Xbox One X support.

The first-person shooter compilation was released back in 2014, but launched with a number of major wrinkles that seriously hampered its multiplayer experience. However, 343 has been working tirelessly on bringing Master Chief's massive boot heel down on these issues, with summer's patch ushering in something of a new era for the collection. 

Aside from adding support for Microsoft's 4K-powered telly box, the new Master Chief Collection update will feature support for Intelligent Install, HDR/SDR Calibration Settings, numerous improvements to Matchmaking and Networking, LAN support, and P1 & P2 bug fixes.

Earlier this year 343 assured fans of the series that ongoing work related to The Master Chief Collection would not impact the development of the much-anticipated Halo 6, although quite when we'll see that game is anyone's guess. Fingers crossed for E3. 

We observed a number of shortcomings in Halo: The Master Chief Collection at launch, although it still didn't alter the fact that the games were still pretty damn fun to play all these years on. With these additional updates planned however, there's no doubt that the collection will be in better shape than ever. 

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