New Fallout 4 update plans to fix next-gen patch loathed by fans

New Fallout 4 update plans to fix next-gen patch loathed by fans
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The Fallout video game series has had a resurgence as of late thanks to the brilliant new television series on Amazon Prime. Many fans and newcomers have journeyed to Bethesda’s wasteland once more especially following the release of Bethesda’s next-gen update. Unfortunately, this next-gen patch was a colossal disaster, but thankfully a new Fallout 4 update is on the way with plans to fix numerous issues.

You can check out the Fallout 4 next-gen update patch notes to see all of the new features and improvements added by Bethesda. You can stop the next-gen update if you don’t want to download it for the sake of mods, but it’s available for free provided you already own the game whether on PC, PS5, or Xbox Series X/S.

Unfortunately, you probably would have been better stopping the download from happening as the next-gen update introduced a lot of issues. Thankfully, a new update is planned to come out today.

New Fallout 4 update

Bethesda Studios has announced that a new Fallout 4 update is planned to come out on May 13th. There are no patch notes as of writing, but below is the official message from Bethesda:

‘On Monday, May 13 we will be updating Fallout 4 on all platforms. This update will include new options for graphics and performance settings as well as further fixes and improvements. Thanks for your continued feedback and support!’

Wildly vague, it’s impossible to know the fixes and improvements intended, but fans know what they want. In the replies, one fan commented ‘Hope this is fixing the ultra wide support and long standing issues with weapon debris and the long load times on PC’.

The long load times on PC seems to be a huge problem as another commented ‘Please fix the long load times on PC. It’s killer’. Another fix fans want is to ‘make the broken Creation Club content downloadable,’ and there’s also the yearning for Bethesda to fix broken quests.

While a new update is appreciated, there are some fans wary and hiding under the table like people feebly trying to protect themselves from the nuclear bomb. One user’s sarcasm is perfectly exemplified with the message, ‘Oh great I was hoping you’d break all my mods again,’ and another user commented ‘Hopefully, the mods don’t all blow up…’.

Hopefully the new update out today fixes all of the major problems introduced by the next-gen patch. If it doesn’t, on PC you can revert to an earlier build so you can enjoy a better basic experience along with an adventure outfitted with dozens of mods.

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