Duke Nukem Forever has taken a giant stride closer to release, with what's been confirmed to be the first piece of new in-game imagery for quite some time.

3D Realms' job listings on Gamasutra are now accompanied by a small thumbnail of Nuke Nukem Forever, and following a flurry of interest 3D Realms president George Broussard came forward to confirm that the screen is in fact an "In-game shot."

Broussard later confirmed to GameSpot that the thumbnail is in-game and shows "Duke standing in a random hallway."

It also appears as though the long-running development of Duke Nukem Forever could finally be coming to an end, Broussard noting that the team is "starting to wake from our slumber and think about when and how best to show the game."

Duke Nukem Forever is still without a release date, but one hopes we'll see it later this year.