ChAIR has announced the release of the ClashMob content pack for Infinity Blade II.

The content pack is free and provides a range of new content:

  • ClashMob: Play cooperative challenges online for unique rewards! Frequent new challenges available!
  • MyMob: Recruit friends to your own Mob for special perks, new achievements, and new rewards!
  • New Gem Forge to create your own custom gem upgrades!
  • Over two dozen new weapons, magic rings, gems, shields, armour, and helmets! Collect and Master them all!
  • Balance tweaks, optimizations, and bug fixes, fully tested with iOS 5.1.

The developer also confirms that it is readying an expanded single-player campaign with new challenges, enemies and items.

And now couldn't be a better time to buy the game, currently on offer for just £2.99.