Konami has announced the immediate availability of a new map, character and reward mode for Metal Gear Online. The new content will be available to players who have purchased the SCENE Expansion Pack.

The new Icebound Inferno map is best suited for medium to long-range combat and will be recognised by fans as the famed Shadow Moses map from the first Metal Gear Solid game. The map features an Arctic Island that consists of a large snowfield with buildings of varying heights.

The download also enables players to use Old Snake as a unique playable character and the Octo-can suit as a weapon. Old Snake will not become completely invisible when using the suit, but will automatically blend with the environment.

The latest download will also include an Auto Matching Reward mode in which the winner of the match wins more reward points than normal. When playing an individual match in this mode, only the winner receives the reward points while in a team match, the team member ranked first will win the reward points.