The first screenshot of Alan Wake's next title, set to be released as an Xbox LIVE Arcade title, has been released. The shot, posted by Gameinformer, shows Alan standing in front of a motel. He also appears to be in different clothing to what we're used to, and he's holding a nail gun.

The screen shows a road sign for Night Springs, pointing out that it's 15 miles away. Night Springs is the fictional TV show featured in the original game and has long been rumoured to be the name of the next entry in the Alan Wake series.

A full reveal of the game will be made on December 10 at the Video Game Awards show on Spike TV, MTV2 and at 8:00 pm EST. The show will also feature BioWare's next game and spill the beans on Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Alan Wake has divided critics, but we awarded it an impressive 9/10 in our Alan Wake review.