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Need for Speed Unbound Update 1.1.4 Patch Notes

Need for Speed Unbound
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Need for Speed Unbound first released last November and was received to good reviews from critics, although the reception was more mixed from fans. Need for Speed Unbound is a street racing game that has players drifting round the streets of the fictional city Lakeshore. 

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As we continue our rise to glory, there have been a few updates along the way with the most recent one recently announced. Here is everything we know about the latest patch in Need for Speed: Update 1.1.4.

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What is new in Need for Speed Update 1.1.4? 

Need for Speed Update 1.1.4: Balancing

Golf GTI 1976

  • Rebalanced the Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) to reduce its acceleration in high gears
  • Fixed an issue with the Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) that caused its gearbox options to not affect its top speed, as expected

Koenigsegg Regera

  • Reduced the top-end acceleration of the Koenigsegg Regera and adjusted its cornering ability


  • Improved the quality of VOIP for our PS5 players

Need for Speed Update 1.1.4: Save Game Error/Progress Reset

  • Added a warning message when the game fails to autosave correctly to reduce potential of lost progress

Need for Speed Update 1.1.4: PC Minimum Specs Warning Message

  • Added a warning message when the game detects a below min spec configuration

Need for Speed Update 1.1.4: Stability Improvements

  • Multiple stability improvements to reduce the potential for game crashes