EA has begun asking Need For Speed players for their thoughts on what they would like to see included in the game in the future, fielding their interest in additional story missions, new cars, Photo Mode, Drag Racing and more.

The survey, which was emailed to select fans last night, asks players to rate their interest in 11 different categories, and could hint at the type of content Ghost Games may be planning to introduce in future game updates.

The full list includes:

  • New story/campaign missions
  • New cars
  • More visual customization options (car parts)
  • New game modes
  • Manual Gears
  • Steering Wheel Support
  • Photo mode
  • Drag Racing
  • Garage Expansion
  • Rep level increase
  • Multiplayer Playlists

Other sections of the survey also ask players to score the game out of 10, and rate how satisfied they are with the game's existing elements, including its story, cut scenes, cops, handling and graphics.

Earlier this month, Ghost explained that it intends to release a "substantial amount" of DLC for Need For Speed, but that it will all be free.

The game's first major update, which introduces neons, new cars and a fix for the game's controversial AI rubber-banding, is due to release tomorrow, November 24.

Source: EA

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