Need For Speed: Most Wanted will include support for Kinect and PlayStation Move, Criterion has confirmed.

Rather than take advantage of motion-sensing, Kinect support will instead be limited to voice recognition, letting users shout a series of voice commands to quickly switch between racing mods.

Shouting "Mods, Nitrous Burn", for example, will apply the nitrous burn mod to your car, avoiding the need to activate the mod via the game's 'Easy Drive' menu screens.

"That's one instance where Kinect will be faster than the d-pad," producer Matt Webster told

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 3 version of the game will include support for the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel, with the PlayStation Move orb changing colour depending on what's happening in the game.

"If you're in a cop chase we'll flash [the orb] red and blue," says Webster, "and when you're in cooldown it'll go blue, and if you're in free drive it'll go green. It's a bit of fun."

Rumours about Kinect support for NFS: Most Wanted surfaced last month after the 'Better With Kinect' banner was spotted within a trailer for the game.

Then, last week, the PS3 pack shot appeared to confirm PlayStation Move support, too.

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