NBA 2K24 community drills developers for major problems with matchmaking

NBA 2K24 community drills developers for major problems with matchmaking
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It’s not a sports game if the community doesn’t find issues, and NBA 2K24 is a sports game. This time, players are upset with things regarding The Rec, which simulates playing pickup games with local friends at the gym. It’s not an NBA game or even with an Affiliation, so it’s supposed to be a bit more laid back. Unfortunately, the skill-based matchmaking, or lack thereof, causes that to be untrue.

NBA 2K24 players frustrated over bad matchmaking in The Rec

U/Business_Olive_8014 posted to the 2K subreddit to discuss the issues with The Rec. They stated that they usually play with random players, but will often link up with friends. “Usually in the non squad rec the game is more casual, you don’t run into 5 out 2-3 zone squads, it’s a lot more relaxed, etc. And honestly the squads section is not terrible either in terms of facing sweats. My problem is though, that when I do play squads with a friend, we get terrible teammates and face a comp pro am 5 man. And it’s almost every time we play,” they complained.

Image via u/Business_Olive_8014 on Reddit

They went on to say that The Rec needs to have better matchmaking. Many players will confirm that it often seems as if the team they’re matched up with cannot hit the broad side of a barn, while the opponents can nail every shot from everywhere on the floor. It ultimately makes for a dismal experience.

u/J_Sully_Cali commented in agreement, “People have been asking for matchmaking on this sub weekly for at least 5 years. 2k don’t care.” u/WickedJoker420 believes that every single game that has multiplayer should have matchmaking, saying, “The fact that 2k doesn’t is sad.”

Several other players expressed their disdain for the current state of The Rec. What is supposed to be a fun gaming experience has turned sour, with many players feeling like they have no chance at doing anything in the game mode.

This is unlikely to change during NBA 2K24, but there’s certainly a chance that the developers hear the cries and implement changes for NBA 2K25. Be sure to check out our coverage of the locker codes and Season 3!