Every man and his dog seemed to love the Uncharted fan film starring Nathan Fillion this week, although if there was one opinion fans of the series were keen to hear about, it's Naughty Dog's.

According to director Allan Ungar however, Sony's favourite misbehaving pooch has given a firm thumbs-up to his and Fillion's action-packed short, which also proved a hit with former writer and Uncharted Creative Director, Amy Hennig.

'You guys did a fantastic job, Allan!' she wrote. 'Warms these old cockles to see our baby brought to life like this. Never could've imagined it, when we set off on this journey 13+ years ago. Thank you!'

'Neil Druckmann, who’s now running Naughty Dog, also put a heart. The former head of Naughty Dog. When you get their support and their praise it means a lot,' said Ungar. 

Meanwhile, Fillion added: 'It makes you feel good.'

The full Uncharted film is currently in development with Tom Holland of Spider-Man fame in the lead role. 

The Uncharted series is in limbo at present, as Naughty Dog has apparently hung up its hiking boots and beretta in favour of working on new projects. However, Hennig reckons there's still plenty of material out there to continue the series with.

Naughty Dog also as recently as last year suggested that it may not be done with Uncharted after all. Fingers crossed.

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