Namco Bandai has emerged victorious from its legal battle with CD Projekt Red, gaining the European distribution rights to the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

After Namco Bandai handled the PC launch of the game in May this year, CD Projekt Red opted to sign a new deal with THQ, handing them control of the Xbox 360 launch in Europe. Predictably, this resulted in the former publisher reaching for their lawyer button.

Now, as reported by Kotaku, a French judge has ruled in Namco Bandai's favour. CD Projekt Red now has 15 days to offer their old partners a similar deal to the one that was signed with THQ, with a €15,000 fine for each day that they go over that deadline.

Whether this will further delay the European release of the Xbox 360 version remains to be seen. It's currently due to come out early next year.

The new ruling won't effect US distribution, which is being handled by Warner Bros.