Due out on the GBA SP in February 2005 is Ace Combat Advance. Players can chose from 10 planes, over 12 missions, as you help the United Air Defence to bring down an evil economic super power. Viewing the action from overhead, the game is said to offer some of the best visuals available on the handheld. Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament is also due out in February. The game combines platform, puzzle and adventure elements, as players' race against time to become the ultimate Dream Champion.

Scheduled for an as of yet undecided date in 2005, Pac-Man Pinball looks to be pretty much as you would imagine. Pac-Man becomes the pinball so he can save the trapped residents of Pac-World. While the story is unlikely to win any awards, fans of the franchise will no doubt be interested to see how his adventures as a pinball turn out. Mr. DRILLER 2 for the GBA SP introduces a new character to the game, Anna Hottenmayer. She is ready to show Mr. DRILLER what she is made of. Offering three modes of play and head-to-head play, Mr. DRILLER 2 is sure to please fans when it is released for the GBA SP in 2005.