MW2 Season 2 Reloaded off to strong start as players celebrate addition of 10v10 mode

MW2 Season 2 Reloaded off to strong start as players celebrate addition of 10v10 mode
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MW2 Season 2 Reloaded is off to a relatively strong start so far as a large number of players are celebrating many of the features that have been included with it. A specific game mode that the community is especially enjoying so far is the addition of 10v10 mode to multiplayer.

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The larger MP match type offering has become such a well-liked aspect that fans on Reddit are now asking for its permanent inclusion within MW2. Multiple posts and replies have even mentioned that they are now enjoying some of the more notorious maps, such as Santa Sena, purely because of these bigger lobbies.

Users responding under a particularly popular thread are seemingly all in agreement that this latest game mode is “a breath of fresh air” and that it’s more fun than regular matches. One commenter has even said that they couldn’t see themselves going back to playing 6v6 after experiencing the action-packed environment of 20-person games.

The only issue that the player base seems to have with this MP match type’s current iteration is the lack of maps and rotating modes. Some have complained that they’ve consistently been placed in Team Deathmatch lobbies that always seem to take place in the same locations, namely Embassy, Shoothouse, and Border Crossing.

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Hopefully, Infinity Ward does indeed decide to keep 10v10 a permanent part of MP as CoD’s loyal fan base often hasn’t had too many good things to say about MW2. In the meantime, though, players should enjoy the chaotic game mode as much as they can as the developers might just end up removing it from the game out of nowhere.