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*UPDATED* MW2 New Operators In Season 1

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Modern Warfare 2’s release has brought with it plenty of novel features and enhanced mechanics and a significant amount of players are already praising it for its improved campaign and smoother gameplay. With the release of MW2’s Season One finally here, the Call of Duty community can finally expect more welcome additions to the base game.

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A yearly inclusion that players often look forward to are the new operators that can be used in MW2. Plenty of iconic figures have already been added to previous titles, such as John Rambo and Leatherface. And this year’s installment hasn’t been any different with its list of unique characters it has included so far.

Read on to find out which new MW2 Operators you can find in Season 1.

How To Get Neymar, Pogba, and Messi in Warzone 2 & MW2

The Modern Warfare FC promotion is now well under way, with the slightly unexpected combo of the World Cup bringing along some soccer superstars to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Leo Messi is now available for 2400 COD Points through the Tracer Pack: Messi Operator Bundle. This pack similarly includes two Weapon Blueprints, consisting of the “Atomic Flea” and the “Blue Thunder”. Both weapon blueprints are meant for close-range shots.

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Messi joins Neymar Jr. and Pogba whose own bundles went live on November 21 and November 25 respectively. The Neymar Jr Operator Bundle (Tracer Pack) included a Neymar skin and two Weapon Blueprints: “The Feared” and the “Longball”, the latter of which is a Battle Rifle.

On the other hand, the Tracer Pack: Paul Pogba Operator Bundle included Pogba himself and a stealthy ‘Series A’ Weapon Blueprint and a ‘Counter Attack’ Weapon Blueprint for your 2400 COD Points.

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All New Operators in Season One of MW2


Zeus, whose real name is Zosar Kalu, is the founder of the “Thunder” Corps counterterrorism group. The full protective helmet that his character model wears symbolizes his commanding stature in the game. You can unlock him by simply purchasing the Season 01 Battle Pass.

Klaus (Season 01 Reloaded)

Infinity Ward will be including a new operator called Klaus Fisker into MW2 on Thursday, December 14th as part of their Season 01 Reloaded update. Klaus is a member of Denmark’s Elite Special Forces and will only be available in the in-game store via the Klaus Operator Bundle.

Gaz (Season 01 Reloaded)

Gaz is a part of the famed Red Team 141 along with his squad mates Price, Soap, and Ghost. Much like Klaus, Gaz will be available in-game once the Season 01 Reloaded patch releases in-game. In order to unlock Gaz and his “Convoy” Skin, fans will need to complete the ‘Atomgrad Special Ops Raid’. For those who complete the raid and purchase the Gaz Bundle, they will unlock the “Grass Ops” Skin as a bonus prize.

Modern Warfare FC

Infinity Ward has included world-famous football superstars Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and Neymar Jr. into the MW2 roster of operators. You’ can unlock each of them by picking up special, limited-time bundles during the Modern Warfare FC event.

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