Some Warzone 2 players want shotguns to ‘one tap’ again – but it’ll open the gates of Hell

Some Warzone 2 players want shotguns to ‘one tap’ again – but it’ll open the gates of Hell
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Some Warzone 2 players are desperate to see Shotguns buffed, claiming that because the weapons can’t ‘one tap’ their powers are severely dampened.

This comes courtesy of a recent patch, which targeted both the Akimbo pistols, which were running riot, and the shotguns – especially the Bryson 800. The latter now means you’re not able to ‘down’ an enemy with one shot. And it’s left some people pretty dissatisfied on Warzone 2 sub-reddit.

In theory, a shotgun with the ability to one-hit-down would make a lot of sense – and would, in a way, be balanced. After all, the shotgun is often pretty pathetic at long range, so you’ll be forced into close-quarters combat if you opt for one. But as one Reddit user points out, it could cause major issues – especially with campers.

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“Shotguns do suck. It’s unfortunate but its the only way to prevent building campers from absolutely dominating,” writes one on the sub-Reddit.

For those who played the original Warzone, shotguns also got a big nerf in Season 3, with loads of gamers claiming it made them effectively useless. According to one Reddit post, damage profiles dropped for shotguns by a staggering 20%. They were so nerfed that some gamers wanted them removed entirely from the game.

But this was totally the right move. If shotguns were to get a buff, it would cause a major issue in the game as you’d come across buildings filled with campers waiting for you to stumble by. It also opens you up to some seriously sweaty deaths. At least with the two-shot damage profile you’re able to put up a bit of fight.

In our view, Warzone 2 is probably the last game in the world where you’d want to use a shotgun. Perhaps it’s a decent secondary for clearing buildings, but even then, you’re probably better off with a pistol or, even better, a secondary main as to not leave you vulnerable in the open areas.

In short. If you’re still using a shotgun in Warzone 2… don’t.