MW2 community confused at devs decision to buff attachment that doesn’t exist

MW2 community confused at devs decision to buff attachment that doesn’t exist
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The MW2 community is bewildered at Infinity Ward’s decision to improve the LM Nebula Barrel attachment, which currently doesn’t exist in-game. The confusing buff to the missing weapon accessory apparently came as part of the midseason update.

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According to an observant post on Reddit, the attachment in question is specifically made for the Lachmann Submachine Gun. Upon closer inspection, however, it isn’t actually an available option when players customize the firearm itself.

Several players are speculating that the LM Nebula Barrel was buffed because the developers had noticed that it wasn’t being used. Unfortunately, they may have forgotten that it wasn’t included in the game, when in fact, it was never introduced to begin with.

This revelation has naturally puzzled a large portion of the player base as evidenced by the popularity of the aforementioned post. Some are pointing out that this glaring oversight is further proof of just how out of touch the developers are.

One disappointed user had this to say about the incident: “This just goes to show the lack of quality and care they put into the game.” They would go on to say that even though it may seem like a small accident in some people’s minds, it confirms the fact that Infinity Ward are starting to become indifferent towards their current product.

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It also seems like the attachment was included in earlier builds of the game, but for some reason Infinity Ward have decided to exclude it entirely. The player base is now unsure as to what the developer’s plans are regarding this particular weapon accessory. However, their reaction so far suggests that most are near the end of their rope with the franchise’s current direction.