MW2 Burger King Rewards: How To Unlock Operator Skin & More

MW2 Burger King Rewards: How To Unlock Operator Skin & More
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It seems that the exclusive operator skin and double XP Burger King promo are now fetching prices of around $40 (£30) online.

As spotted by Eurogamer, people have been getting codes from the promotion at the fast food chain, and reselling them on eBay.

The prices these skins are commanding range from around $15 to an eye watering $60 in some cases, and amusingly some of these do not include free shipping, despite the items being well – just a code.

Part of this is likely down to the regional restrictions of the promo, as it’s not available in the US and UK. You can check out the full details of the promo below.

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Modern Warfare 2 double XP promo at Burger King

Modern Warfare 2 double XP can now be claimed by going to Burger King.

All you need to do is order the MWII meal to claim both the boost in XP. Want a side (arm) with that? You’ll also be able to grab a free operator skin.

The Double XP will last for one hour – but with the game launching properly this week, it could well provide a welcome boost.

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The operator skin, as expected, features the Burger King logo and looks decent – although we can’t imagine seeing many popping up during deathmatches.

Now for even more bad news. The Burger King promo appears to be only available for those in France, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal. Here’s hoping they roll it out in other regions too.

For those in the UK, don’t forget that Activision has teamed up with Papa John’s Pizza, so you won’t miss out on a slice of the action.

All you need to do is order a special ‘Call of Duty’ bundle from their restaurants. Doing so will net you an Emblem, Calling Card and Weapon Charm by ordering the bundle – which includes a Large Pizza and any Classic or Ghost Chilli Chicken side. Tasty.

Elsewhere, a live action trailer has emerged, as part of the marketing campaign in Saudi Arabia – and it’s absolutely fantastic. The big budget trailer sees a special ops team raid a boat before making a discovery on board. You can watch the full trailer here

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer releases this week. We’ve got a ton off weapons guides, killstreaks lists, perks and more to ensure you’re fully prepped before you go into battle.