God of War 4 will feature a multiplayer mode, according to a rumour inside the latest edition of the UK Official PlayStation Magazine. The magazine isn't giving much away on the feature at all, with the rumour containing as little information as is possible.

The rumour states: "Kratos is on his way back, with his next adventure set to feature multiplayer."

With the game's rumoured September 2012 release some way off we don't expect to see much on the game at E3, but a teaser trailer would certainly get fans excited. Sony originally announced God of War 3 with a brief teaser trailer at E3 in 2008.


As far as multiplayer goes, we're not entirely sure we want to see players competing against one another in competitive modes. Cooperative play seems more likely, but in this case we hope the joy of obliterating endless enemies as badass Kratos isn't lost.