Mortal Kombat creator and NetherRealm Studios boss Ed Boon has been describing to EU PS Blog how the three million-selling Mortal Kombat has made the transition to PS Vita complete with 60 frames per second visuals.

Asked about if any major graphical sacrifices were made in order to bring Mortal Kombat to PS Vita, Boon said: "We did have to reduce some of the polygon counts from the backgrounds and characters, but that screen is so bright, and it's got such high pixel density...when I saw Scorpion and Sub-Zero fighting on the Living Forest for the first time, I was amazed. It really maintains the identity of the game. I can't wait for people to hold it in their hands and see it for themselves - it's a surprisingly similar experience.

And the brawler has made the transition to Vita complete with 60 frames per second visuals.

"We wouldn't accept any compromises there; we needed the game to run at the same framerate as the PS3 version," said Boon. "A number of our internal people proposed running it at 30 frames per second 'we could do this and this and that' - but we knew it would feel different. We didn't want it to feel sluggish or unresponsive."

Boon also revealed that the PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat expands on the Challenge Tower because of its suitability to mobile gaming.

"Challenge Tower is a perfect fit for mobile sessions, so we expanded it greatly for PS Vita," said Boon. "There are actually two Challenge Towers in the PS Vita version, and the new one has 150 challenges that are exclusive to PS Vita. A number of those challenges use PS Vita's hardware features: the touch screen, the accelerometer..."

Mortal Kombat will be released this spring.

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