IO Interactive has confirmed plans to release more Hitman games following the launch of this March's title and its episodic content.

Speaking in a blog post yesterday, the developer revealed that the upcoming game is only "part one of a storyline we see expanding over the release of subsequent games - so we want to make absolutely sure we get things right for what will be a great Hitman experience expanding over the coming years.

"This first step is going to shape what the games will ultimately become."

While each game will form part of a larger overall narrative, they will also feature their own self-contained stories that will "find their conclusions within each game".

"As we've said before, we want to shape [Hitman] with the people playing it," IO said, discussing its new episodic model, "and by going down this route we believe we're creating the best possible base for success. We will be able to respond much faster to feedback, analyse player behaviour and implement changes on a regular basis that simply wasn't possible before."

"We'll be able to craft a long story arc that spans multiple games while at the same time crafting smaller arcs and stories that will find their conclusions within each game. We will get the chance to craft missions and revisit locations in ways that we've never been able to do before."

IO announced that it had revised Hitman's launch model again last night, reducing the amount of launch content to a single location and the game's prologue. As a result, the Intro Pack has also been reduced to $14.99.

Hitman launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 11, with a beta due to roll out on PC and PS4 next month.