Monument Valley LEGO wants to be a real toy

Monument Valley LEGO wants to be a real toy
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LEGO Monument Valley could become a real thing if fans get behind the idea on the LEGO Ideas page.

The fan submission is certainly impressive, with the set to include four locations, three characters and a range of stickers.

“My Lego Ideas project is inspired by the Monument Valley game, and aims to capture the journey through a creative 3-D experience. This set includes four minimalist landscape themes that are modular and interactive; featuring rotating walkways, platforms, pillars, staircases, bridges and water wheels; along with three main characters, Ida, Totem and Crow. It is an original Lego design concept with visually attractive elements that are appealing and intriguing to a wide audience,” reads the blurb.

The set includes:

1. The Garden: Chapter II

2. The Labyrinth: Chapter VI

3. Water Palace: Chapter IV

4. Halcyon Court: Appendix IV

5. Characters: Ida, Totem and the Crow

6. Illusion Stickers: Cleverly designed stickers enhance the bricks by adding dimension and illusion. Stickers include buttons, windows, doorways and water.

We missed the listing when it was first added, but things appear to be going well. Earlier this month the project gained an extra six months on the Ideas page thanks to reaching 1,000 supporters. The next milestone is 5,000 – current support is 2764 – at which point another six months will be added to help the project reach 10,000 supporters.

“Once a project reaches 10,000 supporters, the LEGO Review Board reviews it and considers it for production using a process similar to the one used for our own LEGO products,” states LEGO Ideas.

For more info head over to LEGO Ideas.