Monster Hunter: World has received a new update on PS4 and Xbox One today, targeting a couple of notable issues with the game's Slashberry management and squad settings. 

For those who are keeping track, the patches are version 1.06 and for PS4 and Xbox, respectively. In addition, those of you playing the game on Sony's console can now take part in the Street Fighter V Quest Event. 

The update itself primarily tackles an issue with Slashberries, notably if you were carrying more than 30 around the time of the last update, which lowered the max amount from 60-30. If you happen to have had 31 or more on you at the time, they'll now be moved to the item box.

Additional fixes have also been applied to an issue that saw non-squad members joining a Squad Online Session, and the rare occuurence where squad members were unable to join their own session. Finally, there's an Xbox One-only tweak that readjusts the search alogrithm when looking for another player's session. 

Monster Hunter: World has proven a huge success for Capcom since its late January launch, shipping over six million copies worldwide and becoming the fastest-selling game in the company's history.

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