Monster Hunter: World is now available to snap up worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One, and to mark the occasion Capcom has let off an almighty roar in the shape of an official launch trailer for you to sink your teeth into.

Fun fact: This latest Monster Hunter is the first mainline entry in the multi-million selling series to launch on both a PlayStation and Xbox console. Again, we're talking core games here; spin-offs such as Monster Hunter: Frontier Z have hit multiple platforms, although in recent years the main games have stuck primarily with Nintendo formats such as the 3DS.

It should be noted that PC gamers will also be able to join in the hunt, although sadly not until later this year. You see, Monster Hunter: World is the team's first PC endeavour, and as such Capcom wants to make sure they deliver the best experience possible, hence the delay.

The good news is that Monster Hunter: World is a bloody fantastic addition to the series, and one that should appeal to both newcomers and veteran fans alike. The bad news? There's no Switch version, at least not yet. 

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