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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PlayStation and Xbox Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, an expansion pack to the popular MH Rise, continues the tale of the Hunter as they travel to a new location to battle even more threatening beasts.

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The impending availability of Rise on PlayStation and Xbox consoles now has fans wondering when the expansion will be arriving on the same systems. If you want to know when Sunbreak’s launch is going to be, then we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what we know about the release date of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak so far.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PS and Xbox Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released for all PlayStation and Xbox systems on April 28, 2023. This information is based on an announcement video shown which was shown during the March 2023 Capcom Showcase.

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Since this is an expansion pack, players will also need to keep in mind that they’ll have to purchase it before playing. Sunbreak’s price on both the Switch and PC is currently set at $39.99, which may mean that PS and Xbox prices will be similar. It’s also important to note, however, that it may vary depending on where you’re from.

The added content that it brings, though, makes it all worthwhile since it not only introduces a new locations but more dangerous monsters as well. Completing Sunbreak’s story in particular will take at least 30 hours so there will be plenty to keep you entertained as you progress through Monster Hunter Rise.

In addition to the release date, several gameplay scenes and purchase options were also shown throughout the course of the video. If you want to find out what exactly was displayed, then you’ll be able to check it out for yourself below.

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