Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that Monolith (creator of F.E.A.R.) is currently working on Guardians of Middle-earth. The game, described as a MOBA (same genre as League of Legends), will be released this autumn on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Store to tie-in with this December's The Hobbit movie.

Guardians brings 10 players together in five versus five matches, with over 20 playable characters including Gandalf, Sauron, Gollum, Thráin, and many more. A comprehensive online stats and leaderboard system will let players keep track of their performances against friends.

"The MOBA genre is wildly popular with PC players and we are excited to bring it to consoles through the lore of Middle-earth," said Samantha Ryan, senior vice president, production and development at WBIE. "The heroes and villains of Middle-earth are crafted in a way that perfectly intersects with MOBA game features, allowing the development team to create guardians with deep skills and abilities for gamers to master."

Guardians of Middle-earth will cost £11.99 on PlayStation 3 or 1200 Microsoft points on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

While going after the League of Legends market, it seems quite bizarre that the game isn't coming to PC - the platform which fits the genre best and has seen the most success.