Super Monkey Ball is one of the most loved original franchises of the last five years, but it's about to change. Super Monkey Ball Adventure features new platform-based gameplay and a story-driven narrative. Not wanting to leave traditional Monkey Ball fans in the cold, 50 new puzzles and six mini-games will also be included as part of the package.

This is the first time the series will appear on the PSP and as an extra bonus PSP players will be able to delve into the history of the Monkey Ball series and play an exclusive trading card game. Owners of the PlayStation 2 and PSP games will be able to sync their games and continue playing while on the move.

"Our Monkeys have so much to offer and it's been wonderful developing this new game for them to cavort in," commented Matt Woodley, Creative Director at SEGA Europe. "Super Monkey Ball Adventure is a great mix of the Monkey Ball gameplay we all know and love, added to a huge adventure which I know will appeal to all ages. SEGA and Traveller's Tales have taken our friends, added loads of new characters and made an entirely new type of game, and one, indeed, to be very proud of."

The feuding Monkey Kingdoms must be united and throughout the adventure players will discover new ball types and meet new friends. Aiai, Meemee, Gongon, and Baby are all selectable and players must use their ball skills to make their way through five unique kingdoms.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure is due out for PlayStation 2, PSP and GameCube in summer 2006.