LittleBigPlanet could be the PS3's first defining game, according to Fable II brain-child Peter Molyneux.

The Lionhead boss said in a recent interview with that the PS3 was still waiting for its defining games.

In an extensive interview with, the first part of which can be found here, Molyneux followed that comment up by suggesting that Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet could fill that gap.

He said: "I would say, and I've got a greedy reason to say this because I know these guys incredibly well and they're only about 200 yards away from this office, that Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet looks something pretty special. Now I haven't played it in its entirety, I don't know where it stands, I don't know how it will sit, but it's something I think is unique and that we all want. Whenever I've seen it, looked over people's shoulders, it looked pretty cool."

We asked Molyneux directly if he thought LittleBigPlanet could be the PS3's defining title. He replied: "Yeah it could be. The honest answer is without actually playing it it's very hard to say. But looking at it, as I said, it's something that looks different, it's something that, whenever I speak to anyone who's touched it they always come away really excited and you do get that sense of excitement from that."

Both Molyneux's Fable II and Media Molecule's LBP are due out on October 24. What a day that's going to be.