Modern Warfare 3's next batch of DLC will be deployed on July 17, Activision has confirmed.

July's swathes of content make up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's 16th, 17th and 18th content drops out of the 24 promised. Those are multiplayer maps Decommission and Offshore, along with the Vertigo mission for Spec Ops.

Decommission takes place in a mid-sized ship graveyard. Offshore is a close-quarters map on an oil rig, with plenty of areas to fall to your death. Vertigo has you dispatching waves of enemy helicopters from the rooftop of a hotel in Dubai.

Premium Call of Duty: Elite subscribers will also get access to popular Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal on the same day. The free map will be released to all Xbox 360 players a day later.

As always, all Call of Duty DLC (including Terminal) is locked into at least a one-month Xbox 360 exclusivity deal thanks to a long-standing partnership between Activision and Microsoft.